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Existing Gates

There are just so many benefits from installing electric gates that everyone who owns a home with a drive should strongly consider installing a set. You can improve your home security, your family's safety, make life easier and add to the value of your home at the same time.

The number one benefit is security:
a good set of electric gates completes your security perimeter and can be a significant deterrent to the opportunist burglar, car thief or vandal.

Electric gates also keep out other unwanted callers and door-to-door salesmen and allow you to decide who enters your property. They also keep out wild animals and prevent them damaging your garden.

Comfort and convenience is the major benefit. It is simple to open your electric gate using a remote control without having to leave your car. Ordinary gates are often left open because it is just too much trouble to manually open and close them every time you pass through your drive.

Providing safety for children and pets is very important. Children can be kept safely on the premises with electric gates. They can be set up to close automatically after they have been used so you don't need to worry that you have left them open and allowed your children or pets to wander out.

Finally you may be able to benefit from a lower insurance rate. Some insurers may offer discount for enhanced perimeter protection..