Considerations When Looking to Install Automated Driveway Gates

If you are looking to have automated driveway gates installed then you are making a great decision for the protection of your property and family. Automated gates are an excellent addition for the homeowner looking for security and ease; they allow occupants to leave their home freely and prevent access to unwanted visitors.

Before you can choose your desired gate you need to carefully consider the following points:

Where will you position your driveway gates?

You can install driveway gates in a number of places but there are some locations that will enhance the lifetime of your gate.

  • Avoid installing in a dipped location, as this will create a flood risk that would damage the mechanics and electrics should there be a flood.
  • Avoid installing where the gate would need to open uphill, creating pressure on the gates motor.
  • Never install in an enclosed area where contact with people or items could happen.

Do you want a swinging or a sliding gate?

Before making a decision between a swinging or sliding gate be sure to consider your needs.

  • A sliding gate is preferable is space is limited
  • A swinging gate is more favourable if your driveway steep or if you’d prefer not to install tracks in the surface of your driveway.
  • If you’re looking at your choices from a budgetary position, swinging gates are often less expensive than sliding gates.

What materials would you like?

Consider what visually appeals to you but be aware that different materials perform differently.

Metal gates are much less likely to be blown about than wooden gates. Wooden gates require continual maintenance such as repainting or refinishing to protect the wood from the elements.

The manufacturing process for metal gates is more expensive than wooden gates, maintenance is often less expensive as it’s not required as regularly as with wooden gates.

If you would like to know more about automatic driveway gates  with GateKraft on 01494 611 111, we design, manufacture, install and maintain gates in Great Missenden, across Buckinghamshire and beyond.

Secure your Home Against Unwanted Visitors

There’s been a recent crimewave across Buckinghamshire, with would-be thieves stealing whatever they can get from cars parked on driveways, many have happened in the dead of night but some chancers are trying their luck in broad daylight.

While GateKraft can’t prevent such criminals from making these attempts we do know that there are reports which suggests that houses with automated driveway gates are much less likely to experience theft in such circumstances.

Our mission is to install driveway gates and railings to make your home more secure. We offer the complete package from initial consultation to discuss your gate requirements to gate design, gate manufacturing and gate installation of manual and automatic driveway gates to secure your home from unwanted visitors.

To ensure your home is secure from unwelcome visitors be sure to:

  • check your garage, doors and windows are locked.
  • never hide spare keys to your home within the grounds of your property, including in your car or garage.
  • avoid having valuables visible for anyone to see through windows and doors.
  • use timers and set your lights to come on if you are out after it gets dark.
  • never check in or tag your location on social media, this can invalidate your insurance as it raises awareness to unscrupulous types that your home is empty.

Installing driveway gates can deter unwanted visitors from accessing your home or business. For more information about gate installation in and around Chesham, get in touch with GateKraft on 01494 611 111.

Maintaining your Wooden Gates

wooden gates AmershamIf the winter elements are taking their toll on your wooden gates, we, at GateKraft are here to offer some tips on how to deal with the very real effects of exposure to the elements.

Gate Maintenance Amersham

The key, as we’re sure you are aware, is ensuring your gates are consistently maintained, and the process of maintaining your wooden gates is easy as long as you routinely carry out these checks.

Maintain your wooden gates by:

  • regularly wiping down your gates
  • clearing away debris that collects along the bottom of your gates
  • removing leaves and other debris that sticks to your wooden gates
  • annually restaining your wooden gates to protect them from water damage
  • being aware of the cleaning and maintenance requirements for the specific wood your gate is made from. The professionals that installed your wooden gates should offer you this information.

We recommend that you regularly inspect your wooden gates for:

  • any exposed wood
  • splits or cracks in the wood
  • cracked or faded paintwork
  • nails or screws that have come loose

Wooden Gates Amersham

Wooden gates will require more maintenance than metal gates, mainly due to the damage the weather can cause. At GateKraft, we use first class materials and offer clear and concise advice on the best ways to maintain the gates we install. We also offer servicing and maintenance packages to help extend the lifetime of your wooden gates and to help protect your investment.

If you’re looking for help with gate maintenance this winter get in touch with us here at GateKraft on 01494 611 111, we offer servicing and repairs at competitive costs.

GateKraft acquires IQ Gates

This New Year the team at GateKraft are excited to announce the acquisition of IQ Gates in Amersham. This makes us responsible for the IQ Gates showroom in Amersham and from now we will be undertaking any work that they were previously accountable for.

If you are making a gate installation one of your 2018 projects, we believe you will be excited by the showroom in Raans Road, Amersham. Here’s a little look at what you can anticipate when you pay a visit to the showroom, there’s plenty of marvellous gate craft inspiration to feed your imagination for your own gate design.

Gate Installation Buckinghamshire

For GateKraft we feel the acquisition of IQ Gates merely strengthens our proposition to all our existing and future customers. As one of the only gate installation companies in Buckinghamshire to offer the complete package, we are pleased to offer you everything from initial consultation to gate design, gate manufacturing to gate installation, gate servicing to gate maintenance. If you are looking for gate installation services get in touch with GateKraft on 01494 611 111.

Winterproof your Gates

We feel it’s the right time of year, as we enter autumn and winter approaches, to think about how to protect the appearance of your gates from the bad weather. Cold weather conditions like frost and snow, often cause corrosion in wrought iron gates. Maintaining your gates is simple. We’ve provided some advice to help with gate maintenance.

Metal Gates Amersham

Paint your gates to protect them from corrosion. Galvanise them or powder coat them to keep your gates looking attractive. For anyone with a home by the sea or with gates close to roads that are often salted in icy conditions, you should know that wrought iron gates are most at risk of corrosion. Check out the methods below to ensure you protect them:

  • Painting your gates will hide any unsightly blemishes including rusting. Over time however, paint will start to flake away, which means you will need to consider how regularly your gates need painting to ensure their upkeep.
  • Galvanising gates can provide protection for longer periods of time, and avoids the need to continually paint your gates. Coating gates with molten zinc protects them with a non-corrosive protective, silver finish that lasts for around 25 years.
  • Applying a powder coating to your gates offer the chance for colour application to the metal surface of your gates. This method means baking dry powder to the surface of your gates following galvanisation and will need to be carried out in a factory. By doing this your gates have an additional level of protection and there is no need to keep repainting.

Driveway Gates Amersham

For additional information on how to protect your metal driveway gates from the effects of the colder weather in Amersham and surrounding areas don’t hesitate to call GateKraft on 01494 611 111.


Gates Aylesbury

If you are looking to have gates installed in Aylesbury or surrounding areas, GateKraft are the company you need.

Let us tell you some of the reasons why you should choose to get in touch with GateKraft for your gate services.

Who are GateKraft?

At GateKraft, we are manufacture first class gates and railings of metal and wood. We are a gate crafting company specialising in designing, manufacturing and installing wrought iron, aluminium, steel or wooden gates and railings to enhance security for businesses and domestic properties. We are one of the only gate businesses across Buckinghamshire that offer you all the gate services you need in one place.

Automated Gates Aylesbury

We produce gates that are custom-made to suit your property, we offer manual or automated gates, the choice is yours. We create gates to the highest possible standard and offer a servicing and maintenance package to all our customers and owners of gates in and around Aylesbury

If you are looking to install gates and are in need of some design inspiration, check out our website, which provides a gallery of designs we have installed in Aylesbury and surrounding areas.

Gate Installation Aylesbury

We install driveway gates, side gates, sliding gates, or swing gates. We also install railings. We offer maintenance, servicing and repairs for new and existing gates regardless of whether they were installed by us or not. If you would like more information about our gate services or to book in a free no obligation consultation for gate installation in Aylesbury, contact us on 01494 611 111.

Improve Home Security with GateKraft

Installing a driveway gate at the entrance of your home not only enhances the appearance of your property, it gives it a look of grandness. And when you choose to automate those gates it not only makes life easier it increases the security of your home and acts as a great deterrent to opportunist burglars.

Driveway Gates Buckinghamshire

There’s nothing wrong with choosing manual gates but if you are looking for ease of use and increases security then installing automated gates gives you that control. You control who you let in, and out.

  • You can keep pets and children safe when they play outside, safe from busy roads, from passers-by, from walking off and getting lost, etc.
  • You can keep out potential thieves, preventing them from scoping out your property and deterring them with the potential of getting trapped with the gates of your property, with no quick exit and no idea what other security measures you have in place beyond the security gates.

We usually have potential customers concerned about being kept in or out of their own home if there’s a power cut; the truth is there’s no need to worry, our gates have a manual override that enables you to open and close them manually without issue.

Gate Installation Buckinghamshire

If you’re looking to make your home safe and secure while adding style and grandeur to your home get in touch with GateKraft, we design, manufacture, install, service and maintain gates across Buckinghamshire and beyond. Give us a call on 01494 611 111 for more information or to book in a consultation for us to assess your needs.

Slugs, Snails and Automated Gates

If the summer rain hasn’t put enough of a dampener on anyone having a stay-cation in Chorleywood this year, it could be creating havoc for your automated gates. Slugs and snails everywhere are enjoying this year’s British summer and are on the lookout to cause chaos. These creatures aren’t only out to destroy your lovingly nurtured plants; they increasingly seem to be finding their way into the control boards of your automated gates.

Automated Gates Chorleywood

Not many weeks have gone past recently when we haven’t been called out to deal with an automation malfunction, only to find the culprit to be one of these slimy creatures.

There are ways in which you can limit the chances of slugs causing mayhem with the control panel of your electric gate. Ensure vegetation around the control box is cut back, lay slug pellets in the area surrounding your control board and make sure you get in touch with GateKraft on 01494 611 111 to regularly service your automated driveway gates in and around Chorleywood. The number of services your gates require a year depends on how much you use your gates. Regular servicing will protect the investment you made when you had your gates installed. Gate servicing will limit damage and ensure bigger issues are prevented.

Gate Installation Chesham

gate installation cheshamAs property is increasingly stolen from cars in and around Chesham, while parked on the driveways of their owners, we at GateKraft have found an increase in requests for our gate installation services.

Families are choosing to get in touch with us to talk about heightening the security of their properties by installing driveway gates in and around Chesham.

Driveway Gates Chesham

At GateKraft, we can’t stop anyone gaining accessing to your property but reports suggest that driveway gates significantly deter opportunist burglars from attempting to gain access. We are well known in the Chesham area for our quality installation of driveway gates. And, it’s not just gates that we install; in addition we design, manufacture and service them. We install metal gates and wooden gates that are manual or automated.

We arrange an initial consultation with you to discuss the requirements for your driveway gates and to assist in any decision making, by ensuring you are aware of the choices that will help meet your requirements and suit your home.

Gate Installation Chesham

The GateKraft team are appreciative of the recommendations existing customers keep passing on; it’s always fantastic to hear the positive feedback from potential clients that have seen our handiwork when visiting the homes of friends and family

If you would like more information about installing driveway gates in Chesham to secure your home or business, get in touch with the GateKraft team on 01494 611 111.

More about Driveway Gates

driveway gates milton keynesAt GateKraft we design, manufacture and install automated driveway gates in Milton Keynes and across Buckinghamshire. Driveway gates are an investment; they are used to restrict access to a property for security purposes and enhance the style of the front of your property.

Driveway Gates Milton Keynes

We make driveway gates using a wide range of materials in varying designs – you can choose a design from our gallery or we can work on a unique design with you. Driveway gates can be made from wood or metal, they can be automated or manual, they can swing or slide, have a closed or open view; all these options can make the design phase a minefield.

That’s why we’re here to help! We offer a free upfront consultation when you make an enquiry to have driveway gates fitted. We come to your home in Milton Keynes, assess your driveway and talk through all the options available to you and the benefits of each.

Contact us

If you’re looking to keep out unwanted visitors or create an impression of grandeur for your home or business, GateKraft are the professionals you need to call. For more information about the services we offer in Milton Keynes, get in touch with us on 01494 611 111.