Automatic Gates Buckinghamshire

Automatic gates are a worthy investment, they secure your home or business to offer you peace of mind; providing the convenient option of automatic opening and closing, giving you control over who you let in and out of your property. While automatic gates have a wealth of benefits there are certain problems that can occur, and that’s why we, here at GateKraft, want to make you aware of the most common issues to ensure you know when to all in a professional.

Gate Operation: You might need to call in the professionals if you experience any operational problems, try operating your gates manually; if the movement of your gates does not feel smooth, it is possible that a track might be worn, additionally the chain, hinges or operating arm could need repairing.

Sensors: A gate that suddenly ceases to function could have a sensor that has been blocked. Check for obstructions and clear away anything, such as overgrown bushes, in its way. The same applies to gates that slide on tracks; it’s best to prune regularly to avoid overgrown trees, bushes and shrubs blocking sensors and tracks.

Remote Access: Don’t be fooled by a gate that refuses to budge when operating it by remote control, while hugely convenient, it’s easy to overlook the need to change batteries in remote controls.

Pest Control: If your gates are in a secluded out of the way location, they could be a breeding ground for nature. You might find that bees, mice, or birds find a home and effect the inner workings of your gates mechanics. If you find bees or wasps have found sanctuary in your gates play it safe and call a professional pest removal company.

Driveway Gates Buckinghamshire

For more information about repairs when you find your gate refuses to work as required, call GateKraft on 01494 611 111.

Improve Home Security with GateKraft

Installing a driveway gate at the entrance of your home not only enhances the appearance of your property, it gives it a look of grandness. And when you choose to automate those gates it not only makes life easier it increases the security of your home and acts as a great deterrent to opportunist burglars.

Driveway Gates Buckinghamshire

There’s nothing wrong with choosing manual gates but if you are looking for ease of use and increases security then installing automated gates gives you that control. You control who you let in, and out.

  • You can keep pets and children safe when they play outside, safe from busy roads, from passers-by, from walking off and getting lost, etc.
  • You can keep out potential thieves, preventing them from scoping out your property and deterring them with the potential of getting trapped with the gates of your property, with no quick exit and no idea what other security measures you have in place beyond the security gates.

We usually have potential customers concerned about being kept in or out of their own home if there’s a power cut; the truth is there’s no need to worry, our gates have a manual override that enables you to open and close them manually without issue.

Gate Installation Buckinghamshire

If you’re looking to make your home safe and secure while adding style and grandeur to your home get in touch with GateKraft, we design, manufacture, install, service and maintain gates across Buckinghamshire and beyond. Give us a call on 01494 611 111 for more information or to book in a consultation for us to assess your needs.

Protect yourself from Daylight Robbery

driveway gates buckinghamshireRecently our customers have been recommending our gate installation services to their neighbours and friends, as thieves try their luck stealing from parked cars across Buckinghamshire. Not thwarted by the possibility of being caught in the act, thieves have been venturing onto private driveways during the day in the hope cars have been left open.

One of our new customers, a new mum-of-one, accidentally left her car open when seemingly the auto-lock feature failed to function as expected. Designer sunglasses, an iPod and various chargers were swiped, which is when a neighbour recommended our services.

This is not the only case of daylight robbery that has been brought to our attention, as families make the decision to contact us to discuss tightening up security of their home by investing in driveway gates across Buckinghamshire.

It seems regardless of whether you live on a main road or your house is tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac, these thieves are trying the doors of each and every car until they strike it lucky.

Driveway Gates Buckinghamshire

At GateKraft, we can’t of course prevent anyone from accessing your property, however reports suggest that driveway gates are a significant deterrent to opportunist burglars. We are well renowned across Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas for installing quality driveway gates. Not only do we install your gates, we also design, manufacture and service them too. We install metal gates or wooden gates, manual gates or automated gates.

During our initial consultation with you we will talk through your driveway gate requirements to help assist you in making decisions to ensure you understand the options that best suit the needs of your family and home.

Gate Installation Buckinghamshire

The team at GateKraft would like to thank our existing customers for their recommendations; we are always pleased to hear that customers have recommended our driveway gate services to their friends and neighbours.

For more information about securing your home by installing driveway gates get in touch with GateKraft on 01494 611 111.